Ogren Eyeing January Enrollment

Jeff Ogren was one of many recruits in attendance Saturday night when the Tigers defeated Texas A&M.

The 6-3, 185 pound wide receiver prospect had an outstanding performance this weekend for American Christian Academy. "Our game went well (last weekend). We won 49-2. I had four receptions and three touchdowns. I also had three tackles on defense. We got to play until early third quarter," Ogren told CUTigers.com.

A week earlier Ogren had been limited to defense because of an injury. "My foot was much better (this week). Last week they just wanted me to be careful," he said.

The prize recruit also made the trip to Death Valley on Saturday to watch the Tigers defeat Texas A&M. "It was incredible. It pumped me up even more about Clemson," said Ogren.

"I got to talk with some of the receivers in the locker room. I was able to chat with some of them before the game. I also talked with Charlie after the game. He said he should be fresh by Monday."

Interestingly enough, the star receiver is now looking at the option of enrolling at Clemson in January. "I'm going to try to finish school so I can get there in January," Ogren said. "I think I have a good chance because I only need one more credit. I am going to try to take an English course at home. I talked with Coach Swinney about it last night."

When asked if his commitment to the Tigers was firmed after the victory, Ogren responded, "Oh yeah. It's 100 percent."

Ogren also plans to visit the Valley again in September. "I will be there for the Miami game," he said.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding receiver from Alabama, right up through signing day.

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