Whitehead Moving On Up

Deantwan Whitehead was a player that we wanted to see early this year, because we knew what kind of potential he had.

Physically, he was as gifted as any player in the south, but he had been limited by injuries. We filmed him in week one, and the results are in. Deantwan Whitehead is arguably the best defensive end prospect in the south. See him in action in this presentation by ScoutTV.

Deantwan Whitehead was injured for most of his junior season. He was able to make some camps this summer where he was a standout, but how would he do when the lights came on on Friday Nights?

Whitehead answered that question emphatically in his first game back as a senior.

He played the game as if he had been waiting two years to hit someone. He got after the offense on every single play. He was dynamite on special teams. He lived in the backfield, and he made a habit of chasing plays down from the backside once Ensley started running away from him in the second quarter.

Whitehead's first step off the line is as good as it gets. Even in plays that would show up in the stat sheet, Whitehead was in the backfield, or commanding a triple team from his end spot.

We knew Whitehead had a chance to be good after seeing him at camp this summer. The 6-6 and 240 pounds end is a man among boys. But we didn't expect him to be THIS good.

Whitehead will be moving up into the Top 3 in the state of Alabama, and he will be knocking on the door of a five star ranking.

I'm convinced. You will be too once you see him in action courtesy of ScoutTV*:

Deantwan Whitehead Video

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