Clemson Football Notebook

CLEMSON – The hot question immediately following Tuesday night's football practice was how did running back Duane Coleman look at his new position of cornerback?

"The things he does, he practices hard, he's a contact player and he's got some quickness and acceleration and those are some things that you need over there," Tigers coach Tommy Bowden said. "A couple of times I watched him – I spent most of the time on offense, -- but most of the time I watched him, I saw some of those things."

Coleman said he enjoyed the experience, but that it was an awful lot to consume in such a short period of time.

"As the practice went on, I was getting more comfortable," he said. "The first day was really a learning process. They threw the whole kitchen sink at me today. But I'm learning it pretty fast. It's really not that difficult."

Coleman said the hardest part was "just remembering all the coverages. Just one shift of a guy can change something totally different. I've got a lot of homework to do."

Unwanted attention
When offensive coordinator Rob Spence came to Clemson, he did so with the reputation as somebody who didn't like to give interviews. Word was that during his entire time at Toledo, he gave the local newspaper one interview and it was about running the Boston Marathon, not about football.

Now, however, at a program like Clemson's, he has almost no choice but to speak to the media. And within the last two weeks, he's gone from being a relatively unknown to being requested for interviews by ESPN and very large newspapers across the country.

"I don't like it," he said. "I enjoy talking, I enjoy expressing myself, I enjoy communicating. But to draw attention to myself, it's not something I'm comfortable with because I've always believed, and believed in my heart, as I sit here right now, that No. 1, God gives you an opportunity.

"No. 2, this is a team concept. This is not about Rob Spence. It's about an offensive staff, it's about Clemson University, it's about our players on offense, it's about what we do together. There's not one person or one individual that's anymore important in this operation than another. And everyone needs to player their role, including myself, for us to be successful.

"So, for me to take on attention to myself is almost sinful, to be frank about it. That's where I don't feel comfortable about it."

Spence said he won't even bring up the fact at home that he's quickly turned into a mini celebrity. He couldn't care less about the attention.

In fact, he doesn't even read the newspapers during the season.

"This is the truth and this is probably embarrassing for me to say this, I did not know that we had moved up in the national rankings or that we were even nationally ranked until Wednesday night when my wife told me," he said. "I didn't even know. I couldn't care less. … I try not to let that impact my thinking, my feeling, my attitude and the way I go about my business."

Injury update
Roy Walker (strained knee), Akeem Robinson (strained knee) and Cliff Harrell (unavailable) all wore yellow jerseys in practice Tuesday. Bowden added that Kelvin Grant was a 100 percent healthy. Top Stories