Herbstreit's Comments Motivate Tigers

"We don't quit. We're not a team that quits," said Clemson center Dustin Fry.

You've come back from two fourth quarter deficits to win your first two games of the year. How does that help this team build confidence headed towards the Miami game this weekend?
Fry: Just to know that we're never out of the game really. I know it's only 10 points, but I feel like we're a threat to score anytime. Our offense seems to like to run the ball. We do have threats where we can get a quick score if we need to as we showed with that pass to Curtis. It's nice to know that this team has no quit in them. And I knew that; I've already known that. It's just show the fans, show everyone else, that we're not going to quit if you have us down. It's like (ESPN analyst Kirk) Herbstreit said on GameDay two weeks ago: "If you get Clemson down, they'll quit on you." That kind of stuck with us a little bit. We don't. That kind of upset us more than anything. We don't quit. We're not a team that quits.

The Miami game is a special game, but everyone says every game is special. Coach Bowden says he wants it to be treated like the USC game. Can you, every week, find that energy to make every game feel like a rivalry game like that?
Fry: I think in this conference you're going to have to. If you don't treat every game like it's your last – you just saw what happened with Duke last year. We come from beating Miami, up from Miami, I guess we weren't as up for Duke. We should be, and I felt like we were ready to go out there and play. You definitely have to go out treating every game like it's your last; treating every game like if you don't win this game then… Really, in this conference, you're going to have to win most of your games to be the champion this year – to go to Jacksonville and all that. You've just got to rally as a team, basically just get up as a team. I think this team will; we usually have a good way of getting up for big games.

How much is this line enjoying the change over to the running game? Are you guys getting a little more bounce in your step – you're going for fourth downs, third and eight, running the ball?
Fry: For example, that last game when we were at fourth down on the goal line, I was thinking he's going to kick it. But when he kept us out thereBut if he's going to leave us out here, good. It just gives us confidence week after week that they have confidence in us. Everybody loves the scheme, everything we're doing now. We can come off the ball so much better, uninhibited, just flying off the ball, and that's really what you've got to do, especially against this Miami team. They're flying off the ball every chance. We'll definitely have to beat them to the punch.

The offensive line seems to be getting more props this year. Does that make the game more enjoyable and even the weeks and practices – all that hard work – more enjoyable for you?
Fry: We're not where we want to be yet, by no means. Until we start to rush 200 to 250 yards every game. I'd rather get a lot more (rushing yards) every game. It's more enjoyable knowing (that you are going to run the ball) … because you get to pound guys. If you're going to play offensive line and you don't like to hit, you're really in the wrong position. So it's more enjoyable to come off the ball and pound guys. We kind of get sick of hitting our defense because we hit them all the time. But when you get to go play against other teams and guys don't know your count, guys don't know your calls and everything like that, you get to really come off the ball and you get to see how you stack up against the rest of the league.

Do you ever trash talk during games?
Fry: We run the ball so much, I kind of get a little tired, so talking takes a little of your breath away. No, I've never been much of a trash talker. If someone says something to me… I won't initiate it. If someone starts talking trash to me then I'll say back something. I'd rather just embarrass a guy by dominating him than by running my mouth. None of us really talk too much. Nathan (Bennett) is talking enough trash for all of us now.

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