Tommy Bowden Sunday Teleconference

News and notes as the Tigers get ready for Boston College next weekend.

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Sunday Tommy Bowden Comments (16:01)

Comments on Miami's pressure from their front four:
Bowden: "There were some times we didn't have a lot of time or couldn't run the ball. But that's the best there is. That's Southern Cal talent, Florida State talent. Oklahoma talent. When you play the best in the country, they are going to be pretty good. And they were. We had 378 total yards. I'd be surprised if a lot of people have a lot more than that. I'm anxious to see how this thing plays out at the end. That's the best there is. They are really talented and I think they have some experience coming back."

How many drops did you have yesterday from your receivers?
Bowden: "We have a personnel meeting at 3:30 and I'll know exactly how many."

You had a disappointing loss to Georgia Tech last year ... how do you make sure that this year's disappointing loss doesn't come back and bite you again?
Bowden: "I think I heard during my tv show in the interviews of my players after the game. I'm thinking that won't be the case just from hearing their comments. We've got a lot of players around that experienced that last year. After that Georgia Tech game last year we played at Texas A&M, this year we got a home game. Just hearing the comments (from the players), I think playing at home can help you get out of that."

Any update on Cole Downer?
Bowden: "Spleen surgery on his spleen last night. He'll probably be out for the year." (spleen was removed last night) "It was not a helmet blow. It's how he landed on the ball. You know, he had a touchdown catch. A big blocker. We'll really miss him. He was having a very productive year and really worked hard. It really will be a blow."

Is there anything you can do to get an extra year of eligibility back?
Bowden: "We'll try. Whatever avenues we can do. We will surely try everything we can."

Your interior defensive line is playing better at times, but they were also seemed worn down in the end. Can you comment on that?
Bowden: "I think we wore down at the end but that was more of a byproduct of the game. We couldn't punch it out, we couldn't get good field position in the beginning of the game. Both teams were tired by the time we had that third overtime. We had five sacks and at times we were productive against their running game. We were out there five hours, it was a long game."

Can you talk about the play where Chansi Stuckey was wide open in the endzone at the end of regulation?
Bowden: "The right throw was made, just didn't make it. But a couple of plays before, you saw Charlie thread one to Chansi Stuckey before. When you see Charlie make throws like that. As you sit there and look at it. You know, Aaron Kelly had his first drop. There's not a guy in the NFL that is not going to drop the ball. There's not a quarterback in the NFL that's going to make every throw. To beat a team like that, that's what we had to happen. We lost to a very talented team and we took them right down to the wire."

Was Miami's defense as good as any that you've ever faced?
Bowden: "I would think it probably is, talent-wise. The North Carolina defense- that was a pretty good defense. But this one, and Florida State's when I first came here."

What happened on the blocked punt?
Bowden: "It was back three. Our wall back three guys didn't do a good job. I've been really proud of Colin Leonard and his snapping punts. He did a good job. And even Nic Riddle on snapping field goals and extra points."

What happened on Jad's 50-yard field goal attempt? Did that five-yard penalty make a big difference?
Bowden: "I don't think there was a problem. I don't think he's ever kicked one that bad. It may have been a problem on the turf. There may have been a dent (in the turf) or a soft spot where the field was torn up. I don't think he had to make any technique adjustments."

Is your kick-off return problems starting to concern you more now?
Bowden: "We aren't locking on blocks. Of course they are good coverage guys (Miami). We got a lot of work to do right there. When you lead the nation in kick-off returns (like last year) , you set a pretty high standard." Top Stories