Clemson Football Notebook

CLEMSON – After much deliberation, Clemson offensive lineman Chris McDuffie will stay put rather than moving back to the defensive line to offer size and depth against the massive Boston College offensive line, Tigers coach Tommy Bowden said Wednesday.

McDuffie played last season on the interior of the defensive line, but was switched to the opposite side of the ball in August to give more depth. However, Bowden and defensive coordinator Vic Koenning considered moving McDuffie back to defense for a one-time situation.

"I am concerned about their size, but I just I think he'd probably screw up more than he'd help us," Bowden said. "I think that might negate the push I think he could give."

Tight end update
Bowden said as of now, the third tight end will be either Akeem Robinson or fullback Cliff Harrell. He also added that freshman Durrell Barry could have his red-shirt removed and play.

"You might find out Saturday," Bowden said on whether Barry will play this season. "He could very easily play. I'd like to red-shirt him, but I don't think I'll be able to. The injury (to Cole Downer) is going to make it tougher.

"He doesn't understand the intensity of the game right now and that's the biggest problem. He's very, very talented. He's as talented a tight end as we've had here in a while. But he doesn't understand the tempo. You can't play against Miami and Boston College and not understand tempo."

Downer update
Starting tight end Bobby Williamson said he called Downer in his hospital room and that he is in "good spirits."

A member of the Clemson medical staff said recovery time for a removal of a spleen is usually four to six weeks and that, if healthy, he can resume his normal football duties.

However, Williamson said there are discussions as to whether Downer will attempt to comeback at the end of October or early November or if he'll try and get a medical hardship from the NCAA.

It's still uncertain what caused Downer's spleen to rupture, although it is believed to have been caused by the defender's elbow.

White jerseys
All those fans hoping the Tigers will come out in white jerseys to help them against Saturday's expected heat will be disappointed to learn it will not happen.

"I think you have to send out a letter in the summer and the other team has to agree to it, at least in this conference," Bowden said. "I went to the board (of trustees) and checked about changing the school's colors and they wouldn't let me. Instead of orange and white, I wanted to make it white and orange."

Even though there are a few bumps and bruises, there are no serious injuries with the team. Receiver Rendrick Taylor has a very thick cast on his left wrist, but he still practiced and is expected to play against Boston College. Top Stories