Tigers Aware of BC's Physical Nature

Chansi Stuckey and the Clemson offense is well aware of the Eagles' big, physical defensive front.

Last week at this time we were talking about trying to get you the ball a little bit more. You got your opportunities against Miami. Just talk about some of the plays you made and getting your hands on the football a little bit more last week.
Stuckey: It felt good to get some opportunities and make some plays, but I've got to get into the endzone now. I've got to make more plays getting into the endzone, and with one more touchdown the game would have been over in regulation. When we've got an opportunity, we've got to make the best of it.

Talk about that play when you had that opportunity to win the game against Miami. Can you just walk us through there and what essentially happened on that play?
Stuckey: We just did not have a tight line and Curtis was on the outside of me about four yards, and he ran a little stick with me about five yards on that route. The safety came down on me, and I thought there was going to be zero coverage because I think they were rushing eight or nine. The corner took one first, and he moved off the safety, and I guess he fell. I was just wide open for the throw. It's just one of those situations where you're just running from it.

Do you feel like this team has moved on since that game? Do you feel like you learned something also, maybe after the Georgia Tech game? Are there any similarities there?
Stuckey: I don't think there are any similarities. It's a tough ball game, like with Georgia Tech, but I think it's a totally different team. We're a lot better team – mentally and with the leadership we have, it's a whole lot better. I don't think we'll go that route again.

Boston College: a lot of folks talking about their physical defense. They have a big defensive front. What have you seen out of their defense that could give you guys a problem Saturday?
Stuckey: They are big and strong; they're some of the biggest guys we will probably see this year. They have a really, really good defensive man, #94, and we'll just have to find ways to keep him in check.

Does this line remind you of Texas A&M a little bit, or are they bigger than that?
Stuckey: I think they remind me of some of the Texas players, but I think they might have a little more size than Texas A&M had. We've just got to give them their space and make some plays.

The crowd against Miami really seemed to play a factor last week, especially near the end of regulation. How much does that realistically help you, as a football team, as a player individually? Can the crowd come in there and make that much of a difference?
Stuckey: I think so. More so on defense. When it's loud the offense can't make checks. But when we're on offense, a big play is what really gets the crowd up.

At 2-1 right now, does this team still have its goals in sight? Is it still possible – an ACC championship game – is that something you're still talking about? How do you approach that from a team perspective?
Stuckey: It's still where we want to go – to go 10-1 or 11-1 – and make it to the ACC championship. But it's like Coach said, we've got to get to 3-1 first before we can get to 10-1. So we still have a chance to get to the ACC championship, but Miami's not a divisional game. That's why this next game, these next three games are really important, because they're in our division.

Offensively, is this team adjusting well, would you say, under new offensive coordinator Rob Spence? Do you feel comfortable with the offense and the direction in which it's going?
Stuckey: I think so. We can throw the ball when we need to; we can run the ball when we need to. It's a really good mixture – a good balance – in the game that we have right now, and I think it's only going to get better.

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