Whitehurst Remains Confident

Senior QB remains confident in his team's ability to move the ball, put points on the board.

It seems like Curtis Baham has become one of your favorite targets this year. How has that relationship developed and are you surprised by it?
Whitehurst: He's a guy that is obsessed with winning. Everybody loves to win. But he's different. I haven't been around many guys that were obsessed with success and winning as much as him and that's contagious. There's something different about him. He's not the fastest guy. Not the best receiver I've ever seen, by any stretch. But he's a guy you count on.

Are you concerned about your ability to run the football against Boston College after the lack of success last weekend against Miami?
Whitehurst: Not many people have run it against Miami. We expected to run a little bit better, sure. But we've been successful for two games, just not in that one. We will have to be better than we were last week. And yes, I think we can be.

The loss of Cole Downer, how does that affect this team?
Whitehurst: It's big. I think we've got guys who can replace him. Hew as really coming around and was making improvements. He had that touchdown (against Miami). Losing him is big.

You seem to be playing with a lot of confidence this year. Is that a result of your experience or the scheme?
Whitehurst: Probably both. I've got pretty good experience now. I've been here forever. I'm confident in the scheme. That's where confidence comes from, is knowing what you are supposed to do and that you are able to do it. And I'm confident in that.

You've never seen this Boston College team before. Does that little bit of unfamiliarity affect you at all in this game?
Whitehurst: A little bit. You get on the field and you haven't seen those players before, but you take a lot of things away from the tape and what other people have said. It's all the same.

How hard is it for you to watch that third down play at the end of regulation last week?
Whitehurst: It was tough. I threw it to the wrong guy. I should have thrown it to the back. They busted on defense and they did wrong thing and it screwed you up. I've got to make a play to somebody. There were two to three guys open there. Hadn't see that defense. It's just one of those things you can't prepare for. You just have to do it.

Are you somewhat concerned by the fact that you've had to rely on what you've done in the 4th quarter to win games?
Whitehurst: For sure. Yeah. We haven't done it consistently. It's obvious what we can do. Why can't we do (what we've done in the 4th quarter) throughout the game? When you are winning games in the fourth quarter, and that's how you do it, you can't win them all. You'd like to be ahead. Yeah, it is a concern, but I think we can become more consistent.

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