Defense Must Stay Disciplined

CLEMSON - If there's one area of concern heading into Saturday's game against Wake Forest, it's Clemson's ability to limit the Deacs' ground game. checks in with DE Charles Bennett to see how it's done.

Big game coming up here Saturday against Wake Forest, a team that has given you guys some problems in the last couple of years. In your mind, what do you have to do to have more success than you've had in recent years against those guys?
Bennett: I wouldn't say just me, but I think the whole defense, offense, everybody has just got to be more disciplined. I know how it is on defense, they use misdirection a lot. All the time. So everybody's just got to come out and do their key, don't try to do more than what they're capable of doing, and I think we'll be okay. That's the key, making sure you don't try and do too much.

How hard is that though – defending misdirection and playing assignment football on defense? How hard is that for you as a defensive end, where you feel like you can go out there and make an extra play, but the reality is it may be better for you to stay in your position and make sure you have contain?
Bennett: It's very tempting just to do it when you can see that ball. They've got somebody going one way, and they see you not doing what you're supposed to do; they'll come back and they're going to bite you with it the next play. It's hard; I've just got to do it, be disciplined. They are always going to be adjusting what they are doing though. You just have to keep reading your keys.

As far as Wake Forest is concerned: their stadium, their atmosphere, maybe not as loud as what you played here in the first couple of games of the year. Does that affect the team's performance - knowing it's not going to be the loud type of environment you've played in your first four games?
Bennett: I don't think it's going to affect the team. I think we're going to motivate each other, have each other out there excited, so I think it's going to be fine. We're going to be feeding off of each other, congratulating each other, and it's just going to be a good day. We know what to expect. And we know we'll have a good number of our fans there too getting us into it.

Coming off of two overtime games, Boston College and Miami, against two fairly good teams – ranked teams – any chance of a letdown? Does that pop up at all this week, and is this a tired football team right now?
Bennett: No, it's not a letdown, and we're not tired. We get enough rest at night and just come out and practice hard. We're not tired at all. I think we'll be fine. Top Stories