Wednesday Practice Notes

CLEMSON – Wide receiver Kelvin Grant and offensive tackle Christian Capote sustained leg injuries severe enough to put one of them on crutches, but it won't be known until Thursday just how bad the Clemson players' ills truly are.

Grant has got a knee injury Wednesday and he was expected to undergo an extensive examination later in the night or sometime Thursday. Capote hurt his ankle Tuesday and was in a cast and crutches and the full extent of his injury is still unknown.

Luckily for the Tigers, they have this weekend off before traveling to N.C. State for a Thursday night game and there are no other injuries. The rest of the practice went as planned.

"Right now, there's no opponent on Saturday, so we're just trying to get as much repetition on (N.C. State's) top fronts and their top runs and passes and routes and formations and stunts and coverages," Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden said. "It's just a lot of repetition work right now. It's kind of boring for them, but it's something you've got to do."

The theme of the practices, which for the most part have been to maintain the team's confidence at a high level, has gone fairly well, according to red-shirt freshman wide receiver Aaron Kelly.

"There's no die in this team," he said.

However, he admitted the last three close losses are a little harder than usual to stomach.

"It's not as bad when you get blown out because at least you know the other team is better then you," he said.

For the first time since practicing for the Peach Bowl in 2003, the Tigers held a scrimmage comprised solely of the scout teams, which are made out of walk-ons, freshmen and red-shirt freshmen.

The regular players watched and cheered from the sidelines as the scout teams played in an overtime type setting. The squads lined up against each other three times and the defense was deemed the winner because it prevented the offense from scoring two out of three times.

"The kids like it," Bowden said. "The guys with the pads off enjoyed it more than those on the field." Top Stories