JackSmack: Issue #45

Good afternoon Clemsonites. The baseball team is still sweeping through the season and our football recruits are sounding very promising. I wanted to thank a Mr. Bohm who told me to "keep up the good work…people don't like honest assessments and Larry has gotten more than his chance".

You're right Gerry, but most of the flak I caught on that whole thing was from Central Spirit and they like to focus on the positive, so I think we're all in the right here.

Not too much this week. We'll talk about the NFL draft after it happens. It's useless for me to try and give you any more information before tomorrow and Sunday.

Well, if you don't like Tiger, then you probably didn't like the Masters. I love the majors and watch many of the other golf tournaments. People are saying Tiger makes it boring, but this was the 3rd highest rated Masters behind the other 2 times Tiger won. He has now won 6 of the last 10 majors, and of course he's not invincible, but we are witnessing history. No doubt in my mind that Jack's records are going to go bye-bye in the years to come.

Let's look at some of the basketball players who have decided to go pro or stay in school for another year:

Jason Gardner— smart move

Brett Nelson— very smart move

Jared Jeffries—dumb

Kareem Rush—could've used another year; might work out

Caron Butler—could've stayed, but he can play, so go ahead

Drew Gooden—just go pro

Does anyone else get as big a kick out of watching John Rocker getting shelled game in and game out. Have fun in the minors, Johnny.

Since I don't know much about hockey, we'll wait to make some picks as the playoffs unfold.

On to the NBA:
--Don't care how bad the odds are, take Greg Buckner and Dallas over Minnesota. (Sorry, KG.)

--I don't know about Portland, but I like all the favorites to win in the 1st round in the West.

--The Lakers will run the Spurs, and wait on the Dallas-Sacramento winner.

--The Yankees didn't make it, neither did Duke, maybe the Lakers fall on their face this year. Go Kings. (I don't think I'll bet on it though.)

--The East is a joke, but I like the Celtics or Pistons to come out of there. Too bad they'll be playing in the 2nd round.

--I don't buy the Nets, but making it to the Eastern Conference Finals isn't going to be very difficult.

--Possible sleeper teams in the East: Magic and Hornets.

Well, enjoy the draft if that's your thing. I'm pretty into baseball right now with my fantasy team and all, but playoffs in hockey and in the NBA are watchable because effort is finally there after 6 or 8 months. Talk at you next week.

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