Charlie Remains Positive

Clemson quarterback also says the off-week came at a good time for the team.

Lost in the shuffle after the Wake Forest game is the fact that this offense really came out and moved the ball well, put some points on the board, and overall did some very positive things. It seemed you guys clicking more than at any point in the first four games? Would you agree with that?
Whitehurst:I would. I think there's still an issue there of getting the ball in the endzone instead of kicking field goals, but we were down there pretty close a couple of times and couldn't get it in. But we can take care of that. I think we can be real good on offense and be a successful football team.

You've had an off week to digest everything that's happened in the first part of the season. How is your morale? How is the team's morale?
Whitehurst:I think the morale is pretty good, or as high as it could be. We're disappointed with our record, but we understand that we can still have a successful season if we finish strong. So that's our approach right now, and we're looking for good things here in the second half.

Coach Bowden talked this week about the fact that the team was just one play away in all three games. Do you agree with that or do you think that it's more than that at this point?
Whitehurst:I do agree with that, but you might have had five or ten opportunities to make that one play; it wasn't just that we were 0-for-1. It's discouraging that we didn't win these games maybe even earlier than the last drive of the game, but we've got to just keep working and iron some things out and stay positive. And that's what we're doing.

You play N.C. State tomorrow, and it's another nationally televised game. Clemson hasn't had a lot of success on Thursday nights. Can you point your finger as to why, and how do you get over that against the Wolfpack?
Whitehurst:It's something we're not thinking about. We haven't been very successful on Thursday, but I don't think there's really anything to it. We usually get a little bit of extra practice – we've got two or three extra ones under our belt this week – so it shouldn't be a problem. I think that probably makes as big a difference as anything this year is that we have a week off. At the same time, we expect to go out there and play well.

Their defensive line – obviously Mario Williams and Manny Lawson, two guys a lot of people are talking about this week. Do you think your offensive line can hold up to those guys – hold their own – and give you time to throw the ball?
Whitehurst:I think they can. Those are two good players. They've got a defensive tackle that's a great player, too, so we're definitely going to have our hands full. They're as talented as up-front as any team we've faced, and they're going to make some plays; but I'm confident we can hold them out long enough where I can throw the ball and we can score some points. Top Stories