Kelly Continues Strong Run

One of the biggest surprises this year for the Tigers has been the play of redshirt freshman wide receiver Aaron Kelly.

Kelly is currently second on the team in receptions with 24 (for 246 yards). caught up with Kelly this week to get his thoughts on Saturday's game against Temple, and much more, in this report.

You face Temple this week, a team that hasn't won a football game yet this year. Has it been tough to keep your focus and keep your mindset in the right place during this week at practice?
Kelly: I don't really think it has, just because of our record and things that we're trying to accomplish – we need every win and this is just another team that we need to beat to keep our dreams alive of going to a bowl. You know, last year I wanted to go to a bowl and we didn't get to experience that, so we need to go out and win this game.

The offense really played its best brand of football through the first six games of the year against N.C. State last week. Just talk about that performance and talk about the confidence you gained from a win like that.
Kelly: It's exciting. They're just a lot of fun to play. It definitely showed a lot of things that we can do on offense. Even looking at film we saw some things that we still could have done; we still could have played a better game. But it was just so much fun to go out there and play that good.

How much of the offense do you actually think has been installed so far here under Coach Spence? Do you feel like he's put in most of his plays and packages through the first six games of the year?
Kelly: I think we've put in a lot of plays; but Coach Spence, he seems to always pull something out of his hat, so I don't know if he's put in all of it. But we've put in a good amount. I think it's safe to say we're definitely prepared week in and week out. He can come up with a lot of stuff.

Charlie's development through the first six games – do you see him being able to pick specific plays up a little bit better in his offense and audible at the line of scrimmage more as gets more comfortable?
Kelly: I think so. It's just been a learning experience for everyone, even Charlie who is a fifth-year senior. I think he's done very well if you look at his stats, his completion percentage. He's picked up the offense very well, and he's always put us in good situations.

This program has turned things around in the middle part of the season for the last two years. Do you get the sense this team is kind of going through that same process again of getting on a winning streak, getting things turned around, getting that winning record going and getting to a bowl game?
Kelly: I think so. I think we're on our way to doing that. Our three losses were three heartbreakers. We really wish we could have gotten those, but… I think in those three losses, our backs were kind of against the wall – really still is. That's why we still have to come out and play well against Temple – to be able to finish the season strong like we have the past two years. Top Stories