Bowden's Sunday Teleconference

Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden talks about Saturday's loss to Georgia Tech.

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Tommy Bowden's Sunday Teleconference (10:54)

WHITEHURST INJURY UPDATE: Tommy Bowden talked extensively about the health of senior quarterback Charlie Whitehurst Sunday afternoon, including why he elected to hold him out of a large number of reps last week during practice.

When asked about Whitehurst's shoulder problem, Bowden attributed it to the normal wear and tear of a season.

"When I had a Shaun King and we did a lot of throwing, it was typical towards the end of the season that he would get a little sore. Woody Dantzler was the same thing. Towards the end of the year, when you are throwing a good bit it's not uncommon to be a little tired or sore. It's not something that's a real big issue.

"But again, it's nothing out of the ordinary. But all of a sudden when you get in some tight games like we are in ... where it comes down to preparation is of the essence, and all of a sudden you miss some reps, it becomes more of an issue."

There has also been talk of allowing backup QB Will Proctor more playing time this year if Charlie continues to need rest during the week.

"If it continues to be this way, that's when Will will become more of a factor. Repetition is a key, especially when we are doing something new. He's kind of a freshman in this offense.

"I'll have to see how much time he'll need off during the week."

QUICK HITS: Bowden was pleased that Cole Chason had two "good punts" Saturday against Georgia Tech. "That's what he's capable of doing, he just needs to be more consistent," he said. Bowden was also pleased with the running game, especially considering James Davis missed most of the game. "Our running game was really going good," he added. Top Stories