Q&A with Will Proctor

CLEMSON – With all recent hubbub from fans concerning starting quarterback Charlie Whitehurst's slight shoulder strain and the fact that they think backup Will Proctor should be playing more to help prepare him for next year, a trio of reporters sat down with Proctor Monday morning to discuss those very issues.

Did you think that you were going to play going into Saturday based on Charlie's shoulder?
Proctor: "I was prepared to, but that was a decision that was for Coach Bowden."

How much actual work did you get last week that you don't typically get?
Proctor: "I think Thursday and I think at the end of Wednesday's practice I took most of the reps with the (first team). But that's not something that's different when he gets a sore shoulder or something. I'll go and step in for him for a couple of reps or whatever it might be."

So, has this been going on for a while?
Proctor: "I think just a couple of weeks, but not the whole year or anything."

After the Texas A&M game, we asked you if you thought you might talk to someone about getting some more playing time when the opportunities present themselves, and you said you might talk to somebody. Did you do that? Did you ask about it?
Proctor: "No, I haven't talked to anybody about playing more. I know when the situation comes, I'll get in there. But those are all decisions made by the coaches."

Did you figure you were probably going to get in earlier in the Temple game?
Proctor: "I wasn't going in expecting anything. People were coming up to me thinking I was going to get the whole second half and things like that. And I was just kind of telling them that the way things have been going, I bet it's only going to be the last few minutes, which that worked out. But figured we'd win pretty big, and we did, so we got out of there fairly unscathed."

Radio talk shows and the message boards have been lit up with people saying you should play more and putting the loss on Charlie. What do you think about that?
Proctor: "I don't really read all that stuff, but if Coach Bowden wants me to play, I'm ready to go. I'm prepared and I've been preparing every week just in case Charlie got hurt on the first play and I had to finish the whole game. So, I'm prepared to play the games.

"But you can't put a loss on one guy. That's ridiculous. It's a team sport, there's 11 guys out there and everybody makes mistakes. But like I said, I'm prepared to go if called upon."

Were you aware (offensive coordinator) Rob Spence wanted you to play, but Bowden vetoed him?
Proctor: "I did not know that, but I read that yesterday."

How uncertain was Charlie's status going into Saturday?
Proctor: "I didn't think it was very uncertain. I knew that he had some soreness in his shoulder, but I didn't think that it was something that was going to keep him out of the game."

Sometimes the backup quarterback is the most popular guy around. Do you hear that sometimes?
Proctor: "When things aren't going well, everybody wants an answer and a solution and sometimes that will be it. But I don't buy into that, that I'm the most popular guy on campus."

Are you surprised that you haven't played more this year giving that you're the heir apparent next year and the situation you'll be thrown into?
Proctor: "I don't know. That's all in the hands of the coaches for as far as playing time. It's not my place to second guess."

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