Whitehurst a Game Time Decision

CLEMSON - With speculation mounting concerning the health of senior quarterback Charlie Whitehurst, one thing remains crystal clear: nothing will be definite until Saturday's game against Duke officially kicks off at 1 PM.

"It is a game time decision right now. We'll just see kind of how it feels and kind of go from there," Whitehurst told CUTigers.com Tuesday.

The key, of course, is practice.

If Charlie is able to get a majority of the reps this week on the practice fields, he'll likely be the starting quarterback Saturday against Duke. If he has to take too much time off to rest his shoulder, then chances are back up Will Proctor will make the first start of his four-year career.

Interestingly enough, Whitehurst practiced on Tuesday, after missing practice on Monday.

"It's been just some shoulder soreness right now that's kind of what we're calling it," he said. "It's been going on since the Boston College game. I've missed a day of practice here, a day of practice there. I was able to keep it good enough to play throughout the last couple of weeks."

The seriousness of the injury is not yet known, however Whitehurst termed it "nothing major. It's not a rotator-cuff."

In addition, an MRI revealed no damage and the pain only occurs while he's throwing and it seems to get better when he rests his arm.

"It's not something I thought a lot about when it first happened," he said. "I played with some pain in that game and didn't think much about it afterwards."

Looking ahead to this weekend's game against Duke, Whitehurst said there are several areas of the offense that must improve if Clemson is going to rebound in its last three games of the year.

"Two things killed us in the Georgia Tech game – it was the turnovers and some penalties in key situations," he said. "That's something we've been pretty good at the whole year until really against Georgia Tech. We've got to eliminate that stuff or we've got to make some big plays, you know some long touchdowns. Either one we'll take. You'd like to kind of eliminate the bad stuff and add the good stuff, but we've just got to play a little smarter."

And what if Whitehurst can't play? What does he think about Will Proctor and his ability to lead the Tigers' offense?

"You know he's been here four years now. He's got a spring and a fall and a lot of practice in my absence in the last couple of weeks, so I think he's got a pretty good grasp on the offense. So it's a matter of just seeing what happens.

"If he plays this weekend, if he waits until next year to play, I think he's going to be successful. He's worked hard, I think he has an understanding of the offense, and I'll be pulling for him."

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