Whitehurst Practices "Some"

CLEMSON – There was another completed practice Wednesday and still the Clemson football coaching staff is no closer to determining whether there will be any quarterback changes Saturday against Duke.

Head coach Tommy Bowden said starting quarterback Charlie Whitehurst practiced "some" Wednesday, but wouldn't go into specifics as to what he did or how long he did it.

Whitehurst has been nursing a sore throwing shoulder since Boston College and it has caused him to miss several practices in recent weeks.

Offensive coordinator Rob Spence wanted to play backup quarterback Will Proctor last week against Georgia Tech, but Bowden overruled him and kept Whitehurst in instead.

Bowden said Monday that he won't overrule Spence on that decision anymore. But he added that the two of them will get together after the last practice of the week and determine who should play.

"We'll evaluate on Thursday," Bowden said. "And we'll let ya'll know on Saturday."

The other big injury on the team concerns running back James Davis, who played one play at Georgia Tech. Davis had a rod put into his arm after sustaining a fractured wrist at N.C. State.

"He's doing a little more every day," Bowden said. "Whether it will be enough or not, it will be kind of like Charlie, we'll probably go out there in pre-game and see how he feels. He's moving more, he's moving better."

Memories of Duke
One of Bowden's first jobs in coaching was an assistant coach with Duke and it's where he said he got his first taste of what big-time college football was all about.

"I was young and it was my first full-time coaching job where I stayed an extended amount of time," he said. "The biggest impression I ever had in all those years was coming to (Memorial Stadium)."

There still remains three players that have yet to serve their one-game suspension stemming from last year's brawl against South Carolina. While it's almost a guarantee that all three will miss Duke this week, Bowden wouldn't say for sure.

He said fans and media would find out Saturday.

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