Something to Prove

CLEMSON - For a guy that's leading the ACC in receptions, you'd think Chansi Stuckey is settling in comfortably as the Tigers' top wide receiver. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The monkey is finally off his back.

After 71 career catches, Clemson wide receiver Chansi Stuckey finally was on the receiving end of a touchdown pass when he scored on an 11-yard completion from Will Proctor in the second quarter of Saturday's 49-20 win over Duke.

He scored again in the third quarter, this time from 40 yards out.

"It feels really good," Stuckey told "Now the guys can get off my back. But it's kind of switched over now; it's like you got the touchdowns, but it was against Duke, so everybody is giving me a hard time about that. Now I need to go out and do that against Florida State."

Of course, having that kind of success against Florida State Saturday afternoon won't be easy. The Seminoles rank third in the ACC in total defense and fourth in pass defense.

Furthermore, there's always issue of Florida State simply having more talent.

"That's the thing - we know about the Parade All-Americans," Stuckey said. "And that's one of the reasons it's just easy to stay up this week in practice. You want to go beat the best guys that go to Florida State. They're thought of as the guys to be the best in the nation; they get guys from all over. So we just want to go out and measure ourselves against those type guys."

Like most of his teammates, Stuckey also believes the Tigers won't miss a beat if back up QB Will Proctor has to play this weekend. Filling in for Charlie Whitehurst against the Blue Devils, Proctor completed 13-of-21 passes for 201 yards and two touchdowns.

"I think overall he did a really good job against Duke, especially throwing the ball. He threw really well, didn't throw any picks, didn't force anything. That's what I was worried about; I was hoping he wouldn't try to do too much. He played within himself and just did a great job," he said.

Still, with only five wins in the books and just two games remaining, Stuckey knows that Saturday's game against FSU is even more important than it's been in year's past.

A win means the Tigers will finish .500 in the ACC and also be bowl-eligible headed towards next week's game against archrival South Carolina.

A loss? Well, he doesn't even want to think about that.

"This is Florida State; and we need this game to be bowl-eligible. We want to win this game really bad, and we know Coach Bowden does. He wants to win this one for his team, for himself and for his family. And we want to make that happen for him, and us," Stuckey said. Top Stories