Notebook: Bowden Delivers Message

CLEMSON – Chris Bostic had a one in a million shot of tossing a football 25 yards through a circle 20 inches in diameter. And in a single second, the Myrtle Beach native became a millionaire.

Bostic, 28, threw that football on a tight spiral and it sailed straight through the hold to the amazement of the 81,500 folks in attendance Saturday at Memorial Stadium to win $1 million in the Bi-Lo Healthy Choice $1,000,000 Pigskin Challenge.

The throw came between the first and second quarters. Had he missed, Bostic would have had a chance to make it from 10 yards for $5,000. There was no need for the second throw.

"I just put it in God's hands," said Bostic, who retired from the Army in August after serving a year in Afghanistan. "I felt I had a good shot at it. I practiced about an hour a day for the last week. I just tried to get an arch on the ball and get it in the hole. …

"I was in shock. I couldn't believe it went it."

Bostic is the third cousin of Joe and Jeff Bostic, two All-American offensive linemen that played for the Tigers in the late 1970s.

A MESSAGE TO THE FANS FROM BOWDEN: Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden said the days of placekicker Jad Dean attempting 56-yard field goals are over.

In fact, he never wants to hear about it again.

Dean's attempt was short by at least five yards and it left Florida State with good field position, which ultimately resulted in a Seminole field goal.

"The only reason I kicked that 56-yarder was because all my fans that said against Georgia Tech I should have kicked a 56-yarder," Bowden said with a laugh. "Ya'll want a 56-yarder? Here it goes. I left them a short field and they got points. Stop the emails, I'm not kicking them anymore. You happy?"

BOWL BOUND: For the seventh consecutive year, the Tigers are bowl eligible and there were three groups of bowl officials on hand to witness their win.

Two members of the Champs Sports Bowl were there to see the Tigers, as well as members of the Peach Bowl and the Mineke Car Care bowl were onhand to watch the game.

UPON FURTHER REVIEW: Late in the third quarter, Clemson's Aaron Kelly made a diving catch on third down in the right corner of the end zone, but the officials ruled him out of bounds, which meant Clemson was going to have to settle for a field goal.

But the video board in the stadium showed the replay and it was clear that Kelly had indeed gotten an elbow in bounds for what should be a touchdown. Clemson coach Tommy Bowden immediately called a timeout, which gave the replay officials time to review the play.

The call was eventually overturned and the touchdown was awarded to Kelly, which made it 35-14.

"I called it because I wanted the officials to hear our fans," Bowden said. "I did that specifically. I don't think they were going to review it, so I said I'm going to let them watch it a few more times on that big screen."

QUICK HITS: Cornerback Duane Coleman got his first start of the year. He was the leading tackler for the Tigers. … Clemson's blocked punt for a Florida State touchdown was the first against the Tigers since N.C. State did it in 2002. …

Clemson had two yard of total offense in the second quarter. The Tigers finished with 354. … Just like in 2003, the last and only time a Bowden team has beaten Florida State, the famed Radio ran down the hill after the team did. Also, each senior was introduced and ran down the hill individually before the rest of the team. Top Stories