Fry: It's Still Florida State

CLEMSON - Don't tell Clemson OL Dustin Fry that Florida State has dropped off in recent years.

Dustin, one of the stats being mentioned in the media this week is that you guys are averaging over 100 yards more in total offense for each game so far this year compared to last season. Can you just talk about that improvement, what you attribute it to?
Fry: I have to attribute it to the offense as a whole. Getting us on the right track. Everybody's kind of fallen in love with the scheme that Coach Spence brought here. We've all really enjoyed running these plays. It really is a fun offense for us.

Is it easier to run then some of the schemes you've seen in year's past?
Fry: I'd say maybe not the plays are easier. For the o-line, the scheme is just more our type of scheme; it kind of fits us being able to… Zone-blocking is really just running off the ball as fast as you can, getting your landmark and getting your zone to the linebacker, so I don't know if it's easier. The plays are a little harder to remember; there's a little more complexity to the packages and stuff like that. I think the offense… I guess we had no real… We didn't have anywhere to go but up. We didn't want to go down, so we had to go up. (laugh) The o-line, I feel we've improved a lot this year, bringing in the tight ends to help block a lot more this year and using them a lot more has really kind of opened this offense up, given it another dimension to go with our spread. You know how we used to spread and just run; now there's a little play action, passes to tight ends.

Okay, so Clemson goes on the road and defeats N.C. State by 21 points; N.C. State goes on the road and beats Florida State by five points. So that means you guys this weekend should beat Florida State by 26 points, right?
Fry: (laugh) Yeah, that'd be nice. That would be great if the score's like that, but I don't think it will be. Just hopefully, we can get a win – I don't care if it's by one point or by 30 points. We just want the "W" at end of the day.

Florida State is still Florida State. This is still a team that has a lot of talent on defense, guys that are going to play at the next level on defense. Can you just talk about some of the things they're going to bring to the table here this weekend?
Fry: This is probably the best defense we've seen since Miami. It's Florida State; they're always going to bring in the Parade All-Americans and the guys that run really fast and are really, really big, too. We've got to be able to keep them on their toes, kind of keep them off balance a little bit, because that's the best way of playing. Running right at these guys, they're just so fast; it's really tough to do. But hopefully we can accomplish that.

Do you get the sense that this game holds a special meaning for Coach Bowden? Perhaps more than what's discussed in mainstream media?
Fry: Yeah, I'd say it's extra… I'd like to beat my dad if my dad were head coach. If it were back home in my family, we'd be talking trash to each other – you know, friendly family stuff – but we'd still be talking trash after a win. So it's definitely, I feel, important for him. But it's important for us to. Even if this were any other team, we're just trying to get to a bowl game, so it's another step on the way to a bowl game. So, we know he wants to win it, but we want to win it, too. He's knows that it's going to be a big game for us; he knows that we're going to be able to get up for this game. Like I was saying earlier, he doesn't feel like… It seems to me during this week, he doesn't get all edgy; because sometimes he gets a little edgy because he thinks we need to get fired up. He knows we don't have to get fired up for this game, so he's kind of more laid back this week. But we know how much he wants to win; we definitely know how much he wants to win this game. Top Stories