Bowden's Sunday Teleconference

Clemson head coach talks about the big win over Florida State; previews South Carolina.

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Tommy Bowden's Sunday Teleconference (14:09)

WHITEHURST INJURY UPDATE: After throwing for over 250 yards and three touchdowns Saturday in a 35-14 win over 17th ranked Florida State, Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden said Sunday that QB Charlie Whitehurst will continue to be evaluated during the course of the upcoming week.

"We'll meet as a staff in the morning (Monday) at seven, and I'll know at the time," said Bowden.

If Whitehurst continues to have pain in his shoulder, Bowden said reps will be split again this week between the senior quarterback and Will Proctor.

SPURRIER - BOWDEN RELATIONSHIP: Coach Bowden was asked Sunday afternoon about his relationship with South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier.

"I think it's been really cordial," he said. "I've told this story before is the fact that when he got the head coaching job at Duke, I was on the staff I was not retained (as a coach from the previous staff). Now I understand that as a head coach.

"But I turned around a year later as an assistant at Alabama and Homer Smith gave us one person to go visit, and I chose Duke and Steve Spurrier as one my school to go visit. I surely had no animosity. I wanted to learn from the best." Other than that, Bowden's relationship with Spurrier has been minimal.

"I've been with him on one or two Nike trips. One or two of those," he added.

QUICK HITS: Bowden said that Saturday's game against South Carolina isn't any bigger in his mind than in year's past. "I've been here long enough ... it's hard to get bigger than it already it is," Bowden said. ... Bowden also said that with both Clemson and South Carolina defeating ranked teams during the same weekend for the first time in history, that should help recruiting this year. "Both of us could wear our logos or our insignias in the state of Florida," he said. Top Stories