Charlie Not Thinking About "4-0"

CLEMSON - It comes as no surprise that senior QB Charlie Whitehurst isn't concerning himself with stats and records entering Saturday's game against South Carolina.

Charlie, obviously this is a very important game for you and your career. Talk about some of the emotions going through your head right now as you prepare for this game Saturday
Whitehurst: Yeah, it's important for me and the team. We are in a position now where we are bowl eligible. We want as many wins as we can get because we know that puts us in a better bowl. Outside of the obvious stuff- the rivalry and a game you really want to win, it's very important for us in the bowl picture.

If you beat South Carolina Saturday, you'd be the only quarterback in the history of the series to go 4-0 against the other team. Is that a goal that enters your mind at all right now?
Whitehurst: I think its something you can look back on. The records- I've never been real concern with though. If we can get it, it would be really special to me.

Your health- lets hear straight from you how that shoulder has been feeling here this week.
Whitehurst: Pretty well. Everyday I wake up there's uncertainty on what's going to happen. But luckily it's felt good enough. I've been able to go out there and get some work done and play pretty well. Hopefully that continue on Saturday.

Defensively, what is South Carolina doing, especially in these last five games (all of which they've won) to be successful?
Whitehurst: They are playing well. It seems like they are playing hard and the breaks are going their way. It's not luck. It's a function of playing hard and being in the right spots and they are definitely doing that. Teams have had some trouble with them on offense. I think we'll have a good game plan and we'll be able to move the football, but we are expecting to have our hands full.

It seems like they are really buckling down in the redzone these last five games. What do you guys have to do down there to be productive once you get close to the goal line?
Whitehurst: I hope Coach Spence can figure that out. (laughing) We'll leave that in his hands. I'm sure he will. Touchdowns are what you want. Jad has done a great job for us this year, but we want to keep him on the bench if we can.

Certainly you and the team are walking into a hostile environment on Saturday. I get the sense though that's not such a bad thing ... that you guys actually feed off that kind of game day atmosphere. Is that true?
Whitehurst: It's not like you have to motivate yourself for a game like this. You are going to be ready to play just because of the environment. It is hostile. From an offensive standpoint, communication can be tougher. The defensive players love it. Offensively, we have to be on top of our communication and getting our calls down and hopefully we can go there early and quiet them down.

Getting ahead early- it seems logical to assume that would be very important this weekend on the road in a rivalry game.
Whitehurst: Definitely. You never count a Spurrier team out. If you can get ahead, he's going to have a high-powered offense to come right back. They've been playing great defense and scoring enough to win and that's what good teams do. We've been doing here of late as well. Top Stories