Q & A with Roman Fry

Our most informative, most entertaining Question & Answer session to date. OL Roman Fry answers all of our questions as he looks forward to his first season of Division I-A college football and reflects back on the recruiting process. Calling this a must read for Clemson fans would be an understatement!

This time a year ago, Ironton, Ohio's Roman Fry didn't even have the Clemson Tigers in his recruiting equation. A year later, you couldn't find a young athlete more excited to be playing for head coach Tommy Bowden.

Fry was a first-team All-Southeastern Ohio performer last year and runner-up for Division IV District Offensive Player of the Year- an unprecedented honor for an offensive lineman. He also was a standout on defense, registering 15 sacks and 84 tackles last season for the Ironton Tigers.

Here is the latest from Mr. Roman Fry in our question and answer session.

What is your current height, weight, 40 speed and bench press?
I'm 6'4", now up to 265 lbs. Haven't been timed or gone for a 1 rep max in a long time, but I can tell you that I was the quickest and fastest lineman at Ohio All-Star game practice last Sunday. Our line is me, 3 Ohio State signees, a Michigan and a North Carolina signee.

The coach asked me to slow down when I pulled from the backside because I kept beating the onside guards to the hole. My strength has increased as my size has increased. But my biggest asset is what one line coach called "the moneymakers" (feet).

What did you like most about the recruiting process?
The visits. Got to meet a lot of players that I had read or heard about.

What did you like least?
The phone calls! Especially during the unlimited call periods.

What schools were your 2nd and 3rd choices?
Indiana was the first school to offer me, they had been on me since my sophomore year. I liked the campus and the staff, but they just didn't win enough for me. Coach Cameron got fired two days before I was scheduled for an official visit. Coach Rodriguez will do fine at WVU, but overall they just couldn't compare to Clemson. I visited Cincinnati but cancelled my visit to Ohio State when I decided to commit. You know at this time last year, I think Notre Dame was my #1. Clemson wasn't in my top 5. I didn't know anything about Clemson. Coach Turner stayed on me though and Clemson kept moving up the list.

What were some of the main factors in your decision to come to Clemson?
What did I like about Clemson? Everything! You get the "importance of academics" talk and the "we care about you as a person" from everybody. Then you check with some of their players and find out its just talk. But I sensed a closeness between players, coaches, and fans at Clemson that I didn't everywhere else. It just "felt right".

I knew when I saw Kyle Young, Will Merritt and several other guys get their degree before their senior season was over that Coach Bowden's academic talk was for real. You can also tell a lot by looking at the quality of guys a school is recruiting. I liked the other recruits. (Is Proctor really dating Britany Spears?) Other factors were Vickery Hall, Coach Batson, and the college town atmosphere.

For those Clemson fans that haven't seen you play, what can they expect from you as a player?
They can expect me to go hard on every play in practice and in games and I try to get my teamates to do the same. I go until the whistle blows and I can't wait to find some guy with a chicken on his helmet standing around the pile.

What specific position do you anticipate playing at Clemson?
I was originaly recruited as a tackle, and may end up there some day. But the last I was told was probably center, maybe guard. I played G, T, TE and DE in high school. I will play wherever the coaches think I can help.

When do you plan on getting to Clemson?
I play in an all-star game June 22 and will be in Clemson for 2nd summer term July 6, I think. I want to take a class, get used to everything and work with the strength coaches.

Anything else that you'd like to say to all the Clemson fans out there?
I want the fans to know that they had a big part in my decision. Once I came to a game in Death Valley, I was sold. I knew I had to be a part of this!

We would like to conclude by thanking Roman for taking the time to answer our questions.

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