JackSmack: Issue #47

Hey Clemson fans, Jack's back after a small hiatus. Are we still number one in college baseball? Of course. We're going to talk about a little bit of everything today (including the NBA playoffs, and even a little horse racing and hockey).

What blows your mind more?

--The Kentucky Derby winner was a 20:1 shot and a huge payoff.

--In this time, the horse's name was ‘War Emblem' and is owned by a Saudi Prince.

--Kyle McLaren's nasty hit on Richard Zednik (which I watched about 20 times and would have liked to have seen it 20 more) is now looking like he might have elbowed the entire Canadiens team a long way in the NHL playoffs.

--Mike Cameron hit 4 home runs in one game.

--Mike Cameron hit 4 home runs in 4 straight at bats.

--After getting hit by a pitch, Cameron was 5 to 10 feet from becoming the 1st player ever to hit 5 in one game.

--Bret Boone and Cameron went yard back to back in the same inning for the 1st time ever.

--The Ravens think the answer at QB is Jeff Blake.

--If allowed, Lebron James, a high school junior, would be the 1st overall pick in the NBA Draft.

Not an easy question, but it's been a weird couple of weeks.

On to the hockey playoffs, where I didn't watch jack in the regular season, but love the playoffs. From what I've seen so far, here's who I like:

In the East, yeah, I'm rooting for Carolina, but I think Montreal will lose to Ottawa in the conference finals.

In the West, yeah, I'm rooting against the Red Wings, so I'm just going to pick the Avalanche-Sharks winner to come out of the West (hopefully the Avs).

I was going to mention Drew Bledsoe and the Bills, but I could really give a crap.

On to the NBA playoffs, which I call pro basketball I can actually watch.

Last Thursday night, there were 2 great games. The Celtics get by the Sixers with Pierce scoring 46 with (8 of 10) 3-pointers.

The Nets escaped Reggie Miller's heroics as the Pacers faltered after 2 overtimes. After rooting for Jordan's Bulls and as a semi Knicks fan, I've hated Miller for a long time, but it's time now to give him due credit and I have no problem with him calling out O'Neal and Artest for not getting it done in that 5th game.

The Pistons, behind Corliss Williamson and Jon Barry, got by the Raptors in five. Chris Childs was probably the best player for Toronto that game, but why are you throwing up a prayer with 7 seconds left that might not have even been a three? The Pistons are tough. You know they're deeper than people think when Stackhouse hits his 1st field goal of the game with 2 minutes left in the 4th and they still win.

On to the conference semis and my picks:

Charlotte-New Jersey: I still like the Hornets in 6. I think they're deeper and more talented and will only lose if Kidd pulls off his miracles like Game 1. Baron Davis is just as good. (Just ask Tracy McGrady).

Boston-Detroit: I still like the Celtics to come out of the East, but I think the Pistons may take them 7 games.

Lakers-Spurs: Sweep. As much as I'm rooting for the Kings (or anyone) to knock off the Lakers, you can't go against them until somebody shows they can. They've won 20 of 21 playoff games right now. The Yankees finally lost and so did Duke, so who knows?

Kings-Mavs: I love Webber and this is who I like along with the Celtics. Everyone said run and gun all series long, but like Webber said, Sacramento can play some ‘D'.

Thank you to those who e-mailed me asking where I've been. Keep the feedback coming.

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