Clemson Bowl Picture Clearing Up

As it stands now, all signs point to Clemson going to one of three bowl games: the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte or the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando. To help clear things up a bit, spoke to those in charge of the selections to get the latest update. And there is new information.

Officials in Charlotte said they would "be fools" to not select Clemson should the Tigers be available, however, new information suggests the Meineke Car Care Bowl may not have chance to pick Clemson after all.

If Florida State ends up at the Peach Bowl as many assume it will then it's very likely Clemson fans will be living it up with Mickey Mouse in Orlando.

"We've more or less have eliminated the 6-5 teams in Virginia and N.C. State from our mix," Champs Sports Bowl Executive Director Tom Mickle said. "We're fairly certain Miami will be gone by the time we pick and Virginia Tech, should they lose the championship game.

"Georgia Tech is a long shot, I think, because they were here last year, so you knock them out, and you get down to Boston College, Florida State and Clemson."

If the Seminoles do in fact go to the Peach Bowl that leaves the Tigers and Boston College. Odds are Clemson will win out, more than one bowl director said Monday afternoon.

The reason the Tigers have the upper hand is because of ticket sales, which will be doubly important this year due to the fact the representative from the Big XII is not expected to buy much more than 3,000 tickets.

"Unless something drastic happens, we'll have either Colorado or Kansas from the Big XII," Mickle said. "(Ticket sales) are a big concern. Clemson, we feel like, is on the upswing. They're very energized and enthusiastic."

If Tiger fans prefer Orlando to Charlotte, they have to hope that Georgia Tech or Boston College don't end up at the Peach Bowl. If it's a choice between the Seminoles and Clemson, there really is no choice at all.

"If Florida State went 0-11, they'd still probably sell 20,000 tickets in Orlando," Mickle said. "There are little question marks from Clemson's last trip here, but that was pre-Christmas on Dec. 23. …

"It wasn't a typical Clemson showing. They did about 6,500 tickets. It was the fewest bowl tickets ever sold by Clemson and I've been associated with the conference since 1972, other than maybe Boise."

However, there is still a chance Clemson could end up going to the Peach Bowl for a record seventh time, but everything has to fall just right for that to happen. But it does appear that it's as likely for the Tigers to play in Atlanta as it is for them to go to Charlotte.

"Tonight, we meet as a committee and I'll be presenting the pros and cons of each those (teams)," said Peach Bowl President Gary Stokan. "Certainly we won't do anything until after the championship game next Saturday, but we'll start the process tonight, but there won't be any decision until (after the championship game)."

If the Tigers make it, they will likely play either Georgia or Alabama, which could make scalping tickets extremely expensive.

"We know Clemson people will come back because they prove it year after year after year," Stokan said. "Obviously they have a great football brand. People watching on T.V. know Clemson has a football brand, so obviously that's important from a ratings perspective."

Of course, there is no exact science in any of this because Georgia and/or Florida State could win their conference championships, which would then mess everything up. Nonetheless, the announcement of all the bowl selections will come Sunday afternoon and will be there to provide the all the news and information.

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The FedEx Orange Bowl in Miami: Virginia Tech
The Toyota Gator Bowl in Jacksonville: Miami
The Peach Bowl in Atlanta: Florida State
The Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando: Clemson
The Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte: N.C. State
The MPC Computers Bowl in Boise: Boston College
The Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl Presented by Bridgestone in Nashville: Georgia Tech
The Emerald Bowl in San Francisco: Virginia Top Stories