Blackwell Visits Wade

Clemson assistant coach/recruiting coordinator David Blackwell enjoyed dinner Monday evening with the Wade family as he had an in-home visit with the Tigers' only quarterback in the 2006 recruiting class. has the latest in this recruiting update.

Riverside QB Michael Wade received a visit Monday night from Clemson coach David Blackwell. "It went great," Wade said of the visit. "He chatted with us, had dinner and everything. My mom cooked some Greek chicken. He liked that.

"We basically talked about all the little stuff. We talked about the official visit. We talked about housing. We talked about the SAT. I have to take the SAT one more time so that I can take the new test. I will be doing that this weekend. He also talked about this year's recruiting class. It's going to be a great one."

Not surprisingly, Wade says coach Blackwell has built a great relationship with both him and his family. "We have built a great relationship so far. I see him before every game. He is usually stopping by to talk with us before the game," said Wade.

The talented athlete is also looking forward to his Clemson experience. "I just want to see how different the game is. I have heard about the difference in intensity, but until you experience it you can't really know. I am looking forward to learning the offense. I want to make some new friends. I'm looking forward to a good four to five years," said Wade.

Having teammate Richard Jackson attend Clemson will make the adjustment to college much easier. "It definitely helps. We are together all the time. We have been for the last five or six years. I'm sure it will be good to be together for another four or five," he added.

Wade also plans to enroll this summer at Clemson. "I will be starting this summer during the second summer session. I want to get acquainted with school and workout with the team."

The talented quarterback plans to hit the track this spring for Riverside. "I am going to run track this year. I'm looking forward to that. I've never done track before. I just want to work on my speed and stay active. It won't be too demanding," Wade said.

And what about the recruiting process? Has Wade officially slammed the door shut on other schools? "It's pretty much over. They get the picture," Wade added.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding quarterback from South Carolina, right up through signing day. Top Stories