Willy Korn Postgame Interview

COLUMBIA - Clemson verbal commitment Willy Korn talked with CUTigers.com after beating RNE.


Were you surprised at how easy the victory was tonight?
Willy Korn: To be honest yes. We came in knowing about all the hype about their defense. How good their players were. We were going to focus winning the game with our defense shutting down their offense and getting good field position. It turned out that we came out and ran the ball really good. We passed the ball when we needed to. It was just a great job by the offensive line all night.

The quick start by you guys really seemed to hurt Richland Northeast.
Willy Korn: I think our pace hurt them. I don't think they were ready for our pace. I think the guys on the second and third drives had their hands on their knees kind of tired. It's tough to keep up with our offense.

How does it feel to get another state championship ring?
Willy Korn: It's an unbelievable feeling. It gets better every year. I can't wait till next year.

How can the team possibly improve on this season next year?
Willy Korn: It's going to be tough to do as good as we've done this year, but it starts on Monday. The coach gives us a two day break and then it's time to get ready again. Your not done until you graduate.

What did you think of the fake punt on the opening drive?
Willy Korn: That really got the momentum going right there. It just shows you how much confidence Coach Bentley has in our defense. To be able to go for a fake punt on the 30 yard line shows you the confidence we have in Coach Miller and his defense. I think we saw who has the better defense tonight.

Which prospects have you been recruiting for Clemson?
Willy Korn: I talk to Mark Barnes a lot too. We call probably once every couple of weeks. I talk a lot with Xavier too. As far as juniors in kind of tough right now because you don't really know a whole lot of guys. Senior wise I've talked with Darius Gaither from Fairfield Central a couple of times. I've always wanted to get in touch with Clifton Geathers but I never could talk to him. I've talked to Brandon Spikes a couple of times. Just anybody I can get to get there is positive.

What is the possibility of you playing with Xavier Dye next season?
Willy Korn: That would be huge. I think it's a real good possibility. After we played Greenwood his uncle and his mom came by and said we want Xavier to play at Byrnes next year. I went over and asked him, looking out onto the field, do you want this. He said yes. It's definitely a possibility. Being with him for one year and then going to the same college together would help with chemistry and get a feel for each other. Hopefully it will happen.

What kind of talent do you guys have coming back next year?
Willy Korn: Oh man, we are losing so much people are not going to pencil us in for the state championship. We are losing 38 seniors. That's unheard of to have 38 seniors on a football team. We've got two or three partial starters coming back on offense. On defense we have got three or four. It's going to be a challenge. I just want to lead this team to another state championship.

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