Remember Alonzo Higgins?

This talented linebacker out of Greenwood is now making a name for himself at Southwest Miss CC.

Remember Alonzo Higgins?

Last year at this time, Higgins was playing as a linebacker for the South Carolina Sandlappers in the 68th Annual Shrine Bowl. This season, he has taken his talents to Southwest Mississippi Community College where he had a solid first year. caught up with the coaching staff at Southwest Mississippi to find out more.

Defensive coordinator Doug Lucas, went on the record with to discuss Higgins and the progress he has made in his first year with the Bears. "He played real well. He really came on towards the end of the year. He will be here again next year. He will be a big-time player," Lucas said.

"He looks good, runs good. He got better and better as the year went on and really helped us at the end of the year. He's a good kid and he works hard."

Interestingly enough, Higgins will make the move to inside linebacker next year. "This year he played outside. We run a 3-4. When we ran a 4-3 he came inside. Next year he will play inside," said Lucas.

Head coach Dom Green also commented on the former Shrine Bowl standout. "He did a good job for us. He didn't play as much as Durell Nichols. Alonzo played about 30 to 35 snaps a game. He got better towards the end of the season. He has the potential to be a great player," he said.

The talented linebacker had 25 tackles, one sack and eight hurries going into his final game of the season for Southwest Mississippi.

Higgins was squarely on the Tigers' board as a linebacker as the recruiting process came to a close last year, however it was known for quite some time that he would likely need to go the junior college route.

While he technically wasn't placed by the Tigers at Southwest Mississippi, Higgins maintained throughout the recruiting process that Clemson was where he ultimately wanted to end his college career.

Once he ends his junior college career at the end of next season, Higgins will have two years of eligibility when he gets to college. Top Stories