Girls of the ACC: No. 5

By popular demand, it's back! takes you on a different kind of tour through the ACC.

Having covered every Clemson football game, both home and away in each of the last three seasons, has been onhand to witness the best of what the ACC has to offer.

Today, we present you with our Top 10 Girls of the ACC. Starting at No. 10 and counting down all the way to No. 1.

No. 10: Georgia Tech (taken 10/29/2005)

No. 9: N.C. State (taken 10/13/2005)

No. 8: Clemson (taken 11/5/2005)

No. 7: N.C. State (taken 10/13/2005)

No. 6: Miami (taken 11/6/2004)

No. 5: Clemson (taken 9/24/2005)

Stay tuned to in the coming days as we count you down all the way to No. 1! Top Stories