Whitehurst Throws More Thursday

CLEMSON - On a nasty and cold day, there was very little the Clemson football team could do during its indoor practice Thursday morning.

"You just do assignments," Tigers coach Tommy Bowden said. "You're really restricted in there. You can lineup and you can throw."

Bowden said that quarterback Charlie Whitehurst threw more Thursday than he had previously and that he will be tested further on Friday when the team practices outside for the first time since Sunday.

"It's better," Whitehurst said. "Every day it gets better. It'll be ready to go by the game."

While preparing for the Champs Sports Bowl against Colorado, Bowden said this is when red-shirt freshmen generally get a little more practice time. However, it's still not as much as it was in the past.

"They do, but it's not nearly like it used to be," he said. "When we go full pads, we are going to keep our young players out and scrimmage some and get some fundamental work."

The problem facing the coaching staff is do they work with those true freshmen or do they hit the road recruiting?

"Your practice time is limited in that regard, as far as how long to keep them out there," Bowden said. "You'd have a two-hour practice with the guys that are going to play and then have a two-hour fundamental practice, but then you really limit yourself as far as recruiting. You're trying to juggle both. It's not nearly as much work with the young guys as there used to be."

Bowden also said as of now, there are no position changes, but added that it could possibly happen after Signing Day.

As far as those that are going to play are concerned, Bowden said the game plan for the Buffaloes is nearly done and all in place.

He also said that he knows Colorado's likely new coach, Dan Hawkins, who is the now the coach at Boise State.

"He would do a good job," Bowden said. "He's got a great track record. I'm glad he's not on my schedule every year."

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