Three Weeks Away

Just over a week ago Kendrick Johnson was a high school senior at Dillard High.

Just over a week ago Kendrick Johnson was a high school senior at Dillard High.

But now, after taking an official visit to Clemson, the prize recruit is just three weeks from enrolling at Clemson. Life is changing quickly for the talented receiver, but he wouldn't have it any other way.

The 6-1, 180 pound prospect traveled to Clemson this weekend for his last official visit of the recruiting process. "It was good. My host was Chansi Stuckey. We went over to his house. We played some video games. We played some monopoly. Everything was real good," he said.

"We watched practice in an RV one night. It was real cool. It was just me and Jeff (Ogren). Jacoby didn't come down until Saturday morning. I liked the intensity of the practice. I like seeing everyone compete." How did Johnson rate his visit on a scale of one to ten? "I would definitely give it a 10," he responded.

The Dillard High receiver also got along well with two of his future teammates- Clemson commitments Jeff Ogren and Jacoby Ford. "We hung together a lot. We got along well. Jacoby told me he was going to commit. We are all going to be rooming together. We hit it off good. We all exchanged phone numbers so we can stay in touch. We are all excited about getting up there in January and playing football together," Johnson said.

Johnson believes it will be very helpful to have two teammates to share his experiences next semester. "I think that helps out a lot. It will be nice to have all three of us going through it together. I think this is the first time this has happened. We will all be out there trying to learn the plays. For all of us learning the plays will be the toughest part. I think the offense fits all three of us so well. We are looking forward to it," he said.

So what's in store next for Johnson over the next three weeks? Surprisingly, he said he's ready to add a few pounds before enrolling next month.

"Yeah I told the coaches I was going to try to put on ten more pounds. I am going to hit the weights and try to drink some shakes at night. I will also try to work on my speed so that I can keep my speed while I put on a few pounds," he said.

Johnson also admits he's a little anxious about taking the next step so quickly.

"Life is changing very fast. I spoke with Coach Blackwell about it. I told him I was nervous about coming so early to college but over the last year I have matured so quickly. I am getting everything I ever wanted. I didn't know it would come so fast. I just want to be a team player. I want to do what Coach Bowden wants me to do. I am ready to work hard. Hopefully when the season kicks off next fall I will be able to be on the field," he added.

Finally, the Florida standout said he plans to head up to Orlando next week to see the Tigers as they prepare for their bowl game. "I am going to go up and see them practice a few days in Orlando. I am also going to go up for the game," he added. Top Stories