Gaither Talks Shrine Bowl cuaght up with Clemson verbal commitment Darius Gaither after a hard fought game against the North Carolina Tar Heels in the 69th Annual Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas.

How did it feel to go against the best players in North Carolina today?
Gaither: It felt alright. I expected more from everybody but sometimes stuff happens like that.

What did you think about playing cornerback this week as opposed to safety?
Gaither: It was good. I was hoping I would get more reps than I did, but I'm not mad because I have a college career to look forward to.

What was the big reason behind the timing of your commitment to Clemson?
Gaither: I talked with my parents and my grandmother. That is where my grandmother wanted me to go so I decided I would go ahead and go to Clemson.

Did you get a chance to speak with Ricky Sapp, Richard Jackson and Julius Wilkerson this week?
Gaither: I enjoyed all of my teammates, especially the boys that are going to Clemson. Hopefully we will have some more coming up there with us.

What are you looking forward to the most about getting up to Clemson next year?
Gaither: Just being able to be play with the coaches and the players. I just want to go up there and help us continue to win.

When do you plan to enroll at Clemson?
Gaither: I will be up there for the second summer session. Top Stories