Cox Talks Tigers; Coaching Changes

ORLANDO - Back up James Cox has moved into the spotlight this week as Colorado's starting QB.

ON PREPARING AS THE STARTING QB: "It's nothing new for me. You prepare the same way whether you are starting or not. It's preparing to go out there and win, move the ball and put points on the board."

ON FACING CLEMSON: "We had two weeks to prepare for Clemson. They are really good and really fast. Now they are going to give some things and when they do, we have to take advantage of them."

ON HIS STRENGTHS: "It's probably the total package. I don't have the strongest arm on the team, I know that I am not the smartest. But combined, I think I can do everything a quarterback needs to do fairly well. I can run the ball if the protection breaks down…run a little, throw a little…I've been here four years now so I know the offense…I know where to go with the ball."

ON EMOTIONS OF THE LAST MONTH: "It's been a real emotional week. It was all going down hill for us…we had finals to deal with…we had lost three games in a row, there was a lot of rumors flying around about the coaching staff. It was tough for some of the guys to get through it. Stuff happens in life and you just have to push through it. Everything that has happened is in the past and we have to take some of the negatives, learn from it and grow from it." Top Stories