Tommy Bowden & Coach Blackwell Visit Johnson

Coach Bowden and Coach Blackwell traveled to Fort Lauderdale Tuesday to meet with Kendrick Johnson as he prepares to begin his college career next week. has all the details in this recruiting update.

Future Tiger wide receiver Kendrick Johnson and his mother received an in-home visit on Tuesday. "Coach Blackwell and Coach Bowden came by today. It was a good visit. We discussed a few things. They just wanted to get a feel for my mom. They told her it was okay for her to turn me over to them for the next four years. She said it was okay," Johnson said.

As it stands now, the star receiver will leave for Clemson in less than a week. "I am probably going to leave on Sunday or early Monday. We have a team meeting on Tuesday and classes start on Wednesday," he said.

"I haven't signed the papers yet. I am going to sign them when I get up there next week." The Fort Lauderdale standout watched the Clemson victory in the Champ Sports Bowl. "I didn't get to make it to the game but I watched it on television. It was a pretty good game. It was a close game, a nail biter. Clemson had a good drive at the end."

Johnson knows it will be hard to leave his friends and family in the next few days. "It will be a rough transition, but this is what I am here for. I want to play. It is going to take some getting use to being gone from home," he said.

The talented receiver will be rooming with the other two Tigers that are enrolling in January. "I talked with Jacoby (Ford) over the break. I am going to call Jeff (Ogren) tonight I think. We will all be rooming together." Top Stories