Bowden, Swinney Stop Through 'Bama

Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden and wide receivers Dabo Swinney made a stop or two in the state of Alabama Thursday.

Saturday morning Jeff Ogren will be heading to Clemson to begin his career as a Tiger. But before he leaves home, head coach Tommy Bowden and wide receivers coach Dabo Swinney met with the star receiver and his family Thursday at their home.

"Coach Bowden and Coach Swinney came by the house today. They came over for lunch. We had a nice long visit. My parents really enjoyed the visit. My parents had nothing but good things to say about the coaches," Ogren said.

And what do the Ogren's weekend plans look like?

"Right now we are leaving first thing Saturday morning. My parents are going to follow me up and help me get everything setup," Ogren said. "I have talked with both Kendrick (Johnson) and Jacoby (Ford). All three of us will be rooming together. We are all real excited. It is crazy that we are all three starting at the same time."

What is the talented receiver looking forward to the most? "I am just ready to start working out with the team and becoming a Clemson Tiger. We have our first team meeting on Tuesday.

"I am anxious to get up there. I feel useless here. I feel like I need to be in Clemson. I am ready to get started academically and with football."

And where were Coach Bowden and Coach Swinney headed next? According to Ogren, to see one of the top prospects still on the board.

"Coach Swinney was going to see Peanut [Whitehead] after he visited with me today. I think we might be looking good for him," he added. Top Stories