Peanut on the Record caught up Saturday evening with Deantwan "Peanut" Whitehead, one of the top recruits still on the board for the Clemson Tigers in the 2006 recruiting class. Has the five-star defensive end truly dropped Clemson from his short list of top schools? Read on to find out!

Are the reports out there that you have dropped Clemson true?
Peanut Whitehead: "Yeah, I have dropped them."

Which teams will get an official visit in January?
Peanut Whitehead: "I will visit Auburn, Tennessee and Bama."

Are you down to those three schools?
Peanut Whitehead: "I am down to four. I am also still looking at Louisville."

Why did you decide to drop Clemson?
Peanut Whitehead: "I just didn't feel comfortable with them."

Did you tell Coach Swinney about your decision when he visited on Thursday?
Peanut Whitehead: "He came by the school on Thursday. I didn't tell him when he visited. I decided after that. I have not told him but he knows."

If you didn't tell him how does he know?
Peanut Whitehead: "The Internet."

Any chance that you will still visit Clemson after speaking with the coaching staff?
Peanut Whitehead: "Maybe, I don't know yet."

When will you know for sure if you will visit Clemson or not?
Peanut Whitehead: "I will know sometime next week."

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding defensive end from Alabama, right up through signing day. Top Stories