Signees Await Final Word from Clearinghouse

Alabama native Jeff Ogren has spent the first few days at Clemson in a hotel instead of enjoying college life with his new classmates. When will the three new Tigers be able to enroll at Clemson and begin their Clemson experience? has the details in this recruiting update.

The 6-3, 185 pound receiver is still waiting for the red tape to clear before he can officially become a Clemson Tiger. "Yeah I'm up here (at Clemson), but I am not official yet. They haven't gotten my tests to the (NCAA) Clearinghouse yet. They have accepted everything but they haven't gotten everything in officially," Ogren told Monday evening.

"They said everything should be fine by tomorrow. The ACT organization is supposed to send a fax to the Clearinghouse in the morning. They just need official copies."

So what's life like for a football player waiting to join the rest of the team?

"I am hanging out in a hotel. I think Jacoby (Ford) is staying with a relative in Atlanta. I think Kendrick (Johnson) is coming up tonight or in the morning," Ogren responded.

"I haven't really seen any of the players yet. I think most of them are still coming back tonight or tomorrow."

If everything is in order by tomorrow afternoon, the star receiver will have his first meeting with his teammates. "We have a team meeting at four o'clock tomorrow," stated Ogren. Top Stories