Tigers in Control for Alexander?

LB Kevin Alexander visited Clemson this weekend with Louisville as his leader. After his visit however, it appears as though things have changed considerably. CUTigers.com has all the details in another Sunday afternoon recruiting update!

Kevin Alexander Profile

CUTigers.com caught up with LB Kevin Alexander after his official visit to Clemson this weekend. The following information was revealed during the interview:

Kevin how was your official visit to Clemson?
Alexander: It went good.

What did you like the best about the visit this weekend?
Alexander: I got to get relaxed. I got real comfortable with the coaches and players.

How would you rate the visit on a scale of one to ten?
Alexander: I'd give it a 9.5. It was great.

Did you make a commitment this weekend on your visit to Clemson?
Alexander: Not yet. I met with Coach Bowden. He is coming to my house tomorrow. Coach Swinney as well.

Did the visit change your leader or favorites?
Alexander: They are still pretty much tied. It's Clemson and Louisville.

When do you think you will have a decision.
Alexander: It will probably be in the next week or so.

Will you be taking any other official visits?
Alexander: I got one to Tennessee. If I make a decision this week I might not take any more though.

Did you hear of any other commitments this weekend?
Alexander: No sir.

How you going to make your decision this week? What is important to you in deciding on where to go?
Alexander: I'm just going to sit down and compare the two schools. It's really dead even right now.

Do your parents have a preference?
Alexander: My dad really likes Clemson so we'll see.

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