Jenije Loves Visit; Expecting Bowden checks in with Florida native Ochuko Jenije after his official visit to Clemson.

Ochuko Jenije is a fast-rising cornerback prospect out of Tallahassee, Fla. that has recently soared up the recruiting board of the Clemson Tigers. Sunday, Jenije concluded an official visit to Clemson and had the following to say about his weekend trip:

"My visit to Clemson was incredible," he said. "I didn't commit but this was my favorite visit I've taken so far. It really just felt like home to me."

Before his visit to Clemson, Jenjie had also visited Arkansas and Alabama. "Those were good, but I liked this one better," he said.

Jenjie now has an official visit scheduled to Florida State for Jan. 27.

Will he still visit the Noles after this weekend? "Yes I'm going to visit them at the end of the month," he responded.

Jenjie's teammate, RB Marcus Sims was also on the visit this weekend. "We had a good time, I know he liked it too.

"There's something different up here. It just felt like home," he added.

Jenjie, who was hosted this weekend by La'Donte Harris, will now await an in-home visit with Tommy Bowden and assistant coach Dabo Swinney later this week, likely Thursday. Top Stories