Adams on the Record

After days and weeks of flip-flopping on whether or not to forgo his senior season at Clemson and make himself eligible for the NFL Draft, Bandit defensive end Gaines Adams has changed his mind again, has learned.

For the first time this academic semester, Adams attended classes Friday and team workouts. The odds of him returning are "99 percent," a person deeply involved in the situation said.

Adams has until Sunday to declare for the draft.

Several people in the athletic department have said Adams told them today that he is coming back. In addition, the Clemson coaching staff now expects him to return for his senior year.

However, when contacted, Adams was still unwilling to admit to that he was returning.

"I just thought that I needed to start going to class in case I come back," he said. "I also needed to start working out again. But I still haven't made up my mind."

When asked if he told members of the coaching staff that he was returning, he said no.

But it appears that head coach Tommy Bowden's sales job Thursday afternoon worked wonders.

He and Ron West, Adams' position coach, each met with Adams, along with Adams' mother and father, to try and convince him that it would be in his best interest to stay another season.

Bowden had several NFL personnel call in during the meeting to tell Adams that he was, at best, a late second-round draft pick and that he would most likely go either in the third or fourth round. Top Stories