Scouting Report: WR Jeff Ogren

Wondering what WR Jeff Ogren looks like on film or what areas of his game need improvement in order for him to succeed at Clemson?

WR Jeff Ogren
6-3, 190, 4.54
American Christian Academy
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Strengths: Although not known as a speed guy, Ogren was repeatedly timed in the 4.5 range during his summer camp tour last summer. Physical and polished enough to earn early playing time. Runs great routes. Ability to adjust to and make a play on the ball in the air is impeccable.

Weaknesses: Does not make sharp cuts and therefore will be labeled a possession receiver. Although he turned heads on the camp circuit, he has yet to match up against top notch competition, which drew doubts from the college coaches.

Film Evaluation: Has excellent ball skills and plucks the ball at its highest point. Possesses great hands and is physical enough to fight through the defender as seen many times on film. Should play early. He could be the most underrated prospect in the 2006 class and will remind Clemson fans of Kevin Youngblood (who was actually a fallback prospect) as he is a big receiver who can beat a defender physically and bring down the ball. He is not shifty, but does have good straight ahead speed.

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