Q & A with OL Dustin Fry

Dustin Fry was ranked as one of the top offensive linemen in the southeast last year, and on January 11th, 2002 he decided that he had enough of the recruiting process. He gave his commitment to Coach Stockstill and the Clemson Tigers on that day while driving back from an official visit. Here is the latest on the big offensive lineman in this week's Q & A session.

Fry, who was an All-American by SuperPrep, CBS.SportsLine.com, and Max Emfinger, is an oustanding pass blocker that registered 80 knockdown blocks and graded out at better than 80 percent his last year at Summerville.

He was also an All-state, all-area, all-region and all-Low Country selection in football, track and field and wrestling.

Here is the latest on one of top athletes in South Carolina in this week's edition of Q & A.

What are your latest vital stats?
I weigh 300 lbs, I'm 6'3, and run 5 seconds flat in the 40. My bench is 400 pounds.

What did you like most about the recruiting process?
I liked going to all the games and meeting the players- all of that was great.

What did you like least about the recruiting process?
All the phone calls. It was cool the first time a coach calls you, but after you start getting 6 calls a night it starts getting old real fast. Towards the end, I just had my dad answer all the calls.

Did anybody try to change your mind after you gave your verbal?
Yeah some coaches did. They would ask me if there was anything they could do or say to change my mind, just stuff like that.

What schools were your 2nd and 3rd choices?
Thats hard to say. For a while it would have been UNC and South Carolina, but in the end I'd say it was UNC and Maryland. South Carolina has a pretty good line down there already and after UNC's offensive line coach left, they dropped off my list real quick.

What were some of the main factors in your decision to come to Clemson?
We were riding back on I-85 after my visit, and I was thinking about it and coach Stock was saying he knew I liked Clemson, and that it would really help out the recruiting process in terms of them bringing in other players if I went ahead and committed.

I left and I told my dad that was I going to commit and get everything done with right then. I was ready for the phone calls to end, and I was tired of answering questions about where I'd be going to college, so I did it that weekend.

When do you plan on arriving to Clemson this summer?
Well, I'm not going to summer school. I'll be there with everybody else on August 3rd.

One of my friends from last year, Chase Page (UNC defensive tackle), went to summer school in July and he told me he got a little burned out with it.

There are pluses and minues to going I guess. He just told me to enjoy this summer because it will be the last free summer I have for 5 years, and I agree with that.

Coach West talked about me coming up there for summer school, but I'm doing their workout plan right now anyway, and I'll continue to do it all summer.

Can you talk to us a little bit about your normal workout routine?
I workout on Monday's, Tuesday's, Thursday's, and Friday's right now. I'll usually wake up around 9 and hit the weight room around 9:30. I don't work out on the weekends.

Monday's, I'll work on the bench, my shoulders, triceps, and mainly my upper body. I'm also doing a lot of running on all four days. Tuesday's I'll work on my legs, mainly doing squats and working on abs.

Thursday's I work out my triceps. It seems as though that they are real big on working triceps. I guess because they know that will help you as a linemen gain leverage and push people around. I'll also do my sprint conditioning on Thursday's.

We'll have set times that all of the offensive linemen are required to stick to in terms of running. Each day its a different sort of conditioning, but its designed to be just like a football game.

Do you anticipate playing as true freshman?
Its a big step going to the college level from high school. I could say I think I could make the two deep, but there is a lot of learning, especially with all the plays, so I guess it depends on how quickly I can pick everything up.

Physically, I'm strong enough right now to make the two deep. If I had to, I definitely think I could step in and play.

It's a whole different game though when you have to go up against a guy like Julius Peppers or Langston Moore. I know Langston (USC) and him and Chase Page are already talking trash to me. It will be different going up against those guys.

I don't like sitting on the bench though. I want to come in an make a impact, and my goal is make the two deep as a freshmen. I don't want to be a redshirt junior just stepping onto the field for the first time.

What did you think about the spring game?
It was awesome. It seemed sort of like a high school game to me, but the field was great, and it was great to be on the sidelines with all the players.

Have you been talking with any of the other freshmen coming in next year?
Well, I'll be rooming with Will Proctor, Tim Debeer, and Jeff Francouer. We all went out together when I was there on my official visits, so we just decided that we'd room together.

All those guys are great, I don't talk to them on the phone on a regular basis, but we get along well. I hope Jeff decides to come and play football for us.

Anything else you'd like to tell all the Clemson fans out there?
I wouldn't have come to Clemson if I didn't think the program was on the upswing. I see people now and they ask me about Clemson and I just smile. I know the next 5 years we'll be doing some great things there.

We'd like to conclude by thanking Dustin for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak with us.

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