Video Interview: C.J. Spiller

C.J. Spiller talks about his top schools and breaks down his favorites about each one in this video interview conducted by

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Comments on Clemson:
"The things I like about Clemson is that it's a small town like Lake Butler there won't be many distractions. The spiritual life there is awesome. The players there they are very close to each other. They are on the rise. They are going in the right direction right now at Clemson. ... They only have two guys [that are running backs] on the roster right now ... going into spring they are going to have to bring over a defensive back ... that's a very positive thing about Clemson, I can go be an immediate force there."

Comments on Florida State:
"I like just the way they play football. The coaches there, I've known them for two years. They are probably the closest coaches I know because they are very sensitive and very down to earth. When you think about Florida State you have to think about their depth chart. When I talked to Lorenzo Booker he told me about their running back situation. It's a great place to be at Florida State right now. Some of them are fullbacks. I know how the depth chart is at FSU."

Comments on Florida:
"It's about 30 minutes from home. I'll have a lot of fan support. She won't have to worry about stretching herself out with gas mileage. It's right down the road. I'll be able to come home for church on Wednesday's and Sundays's ... Coach Meyer has a great class coming in. Florida is going in the right direction." Top Stories