Alexander Discusses Spiller, Signing Day

Was Kevin Alexander shocked when C.J. Spiller announced he was signing with the Clemson Tigers Wednesday morning? Read on to find out more about Wednesday's National Signing Day drama in Lake Butler, Fla.

6-3, 215 pound linebacker prospect Kevin Alexander made a short speech on National Signing Day to announce he would be sending in his Letter of Intent to Clemson University.

"It went well. Everything went real smooth," Alexander told "It was a real big relief for everyone. It gave everyone some time to relax. We had people there from all over the community so it was good to get it over with."

One might think Alexander knew all along that his teammate, 5-star RB C.J. Spiller, was going to shock the world and sign with Clemson.

Not true.

"It kind of shocked me," he said of Spiller's decision. "I thought he was going somewhere else. I really didn't know. We had joked about him coming to Clemson in class, but he fooled me.

"Everyone in that gym was looking for him to stay with one of the Florida schools. It got real quiet after he announced for a second. It was hard for C.J. to do that in front of all those people."

Clemson assistant coach Dabo Swinney, who recruited both Alexander and Spiller, spoke with the star linebacker after all the excitement ended Wednesday. "I talked with Coach Swinney later that day," Alexander said. "I think it was around 4:00. He was real happy that I had signed with Clemson."

The Union County teammates are now planning to head to Tiger Town together. "We talked about it some yesterday. We grew up together so it shouldn't be any different. We will be rooming together up there at Clemson," he said.

To close out his big day, Alexander and his family went out to celebrate the big occasion Wednesday night. "Yeah we went out to eat to celebrate," stated Alexander. "I am relieved. I'm glad it is all over." Top Stories