Purnell Previews UNC

Clemson head coach Oliver Purnell previews Saturday's Clemson-North Carolina game in Chapel Hill.


Opening Comments on Facing North Carolina
"Obviously we've got a very important basketball coming up here tomorrow afternoon versus North Carolina. I think the No. 1 reason it's important is because we've had a tough week. We lost two in row; we lost in double overtime to N.C. State on Sunday and then a tough, hard-fought ball game down at Florida State. I've long suspected and said that if you can stay out of long losing streaks in this league, and do some very good things at home and steal a couple on the road, you've got a chance to be successful. And we are sitting right in that spot where we need to try and get this game to suspend this streak and get back on track.

"A win would keep us right there in the conference race. That's why it's so very important. I know there will be talk of the losing streak at Chapel Hill before and after the game and that kind of thing, but as I've told our players, and I really believe this, 'that was then, this is now.' There have been a lot of changes in our program over the last couple of years in terms of personnel and more importantly mindset.

"Our program fears no one and expects to win. They've approached the ACC that way, and we are certainly going to approach the game at Chapel Hill the same way."

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