Clemson OL Target Visits Georgia

Twiggs County Junior offensive lineman Chris Little discusses his Junior Day trip to Athens.

How did your trip to Athens seem to you?
Little: It seemed alright. I talked with some of the coaches – I talked with coach Callaway and I talked with coach Richt and some of the other coaches.

How is your top five looking at the present time?
Little: Florida, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Mississippi State and Florida State.

Can you handicap the race right now? Do you know where those schools stand in your mind?
Little: Not really because the more offers I get the harder my decision becomes.

Does it make it more complex that you are trying to graduate early? Do you feel like time is running out already?
Little: Kind of yes…

You are going to camp at Georgia this summer – where else are you thinking about going?
Little: Tennessee, Florida State and probably Clemson.

Talk about your trip to Athens – what did it seem like?
Little: It seems like Georgia knows what they want. They told me that they are very interested in me. They also made clear that they push academics then football.

Did Georgia have anything they feel like you should work on?
Little: No – they said I looked good on film. I was at the camp last year, so they saw me up there without pads, and I was pretty good at the camp.

What makes you interested in Georgia specifically?
Little: My parents are big Georgia fans, so I kind of grew up a Georgia fan myself.

And you say it's flattering to get the other team's letters in the mail, too? Do you think about playing for those schools when you get things in the mail?
Little: Yeah – I see myself playing for a lot of schools that I have talked with and gotten mail from.

It sounds like the camps are going to be important in making your decision considering you timeline…
Little: Yes.

Why graduate early? Why not enjoy spring and prom and all that stuff?
Little: The reason for that is because a lot of schools this year are looking for offensive linemen graduating. The best thing to do is to go up there and compete for a position during spring practice instead of getting up there in July – then you have to work really hard to fight for a position. If I go during the spring I can have the position on lock right then. Top Stories