Clemson OL Target Back from UGA

Gainesville (Ga.) junior offensive lineman Nick Claytor discusses his Junior Day trip to Athens this weekend.

How was your trip to Athens this weekend?
Claytor: It was great. It was a good experience.

What did you think about everything up there?
Claytor: I had seen some of the stuff before from the senior camp during (last) summer, so I had experienced some of that. But my family got to go to see everything. My mother and my brother – they really approved of everything.

Get me up to date about who has offered you scholarships so far...
Claytor: I have not gotten any yet.

Which are you most interested in?
Claytor: Georgia, Clemson and Florida right now. Auburn is right there, too.

Do you just get letters every day, or how does that work?
Claytor: It's been letters and getting invited to camps.

Do you know what you are going to do for the summer yet?
Claytor: No yet. I've got to pick and choose what camps I am going to go to and sit down with my Mom and talk about it.

Talk a little bit about the weekend – did you meet with players, or coaches only?
Claytor: We went up there and we met the coaching staff and met coach Jancek, who has been recruiting me and Coach Callaway, the offensive line coach. My mother met coach Richt and they showed us around the locker room. They showed us the dorms and they talked with us about how the future would be at Georgia and what they could do for us.

Did it impress you?
Claytor: Academically… they are going to push you academically. You are going to be going to tutoring sessions and they have the dorms locked down pretty nicely. I met some of the freshmen that just signed. I got to talk with John Miller and had a nice conversation with him and got the inside on how Georgia was from his perspective.

Is that the best way you can tell about programs is talking with guys your age?
Claytor: He is in my position – he's a freshman and he's just experiencing it for the first time. It was a good experience to talk with him about it. Top Stories