Big Moment has Arrived for Proctor

CLEMSON – The moment that Will Proctor has been waiting patiently for four years has finally arrived.

He is, without question, the big man on campus, which comes with being the starting quarterback for a team that is expected to contend for an ACC championship.

And he's ready to accept any and all challenges that come his way with being under an intense spotlight.

"It's kind of a one-and-done year for me," said Proctor, a rising fifth-year senior. "I've been waiting under a guy who is definitely considered a legend here. It's been hard at some points, but I figured it'd all be worth it in the end. I could have transferred and gotten playing time earlier, but Clemson is the place for me.

"Looking back on it, I'm definitely glad I'm here. This one year, hopefully, is going to be pretty special."

With the start of spring practice slated to start Saturday, Proctor moved into one of the many leadership roles for the Tigers.

He also understands that with being the most famous student at school that there are going to be some internal anxieties, which he's already felt.

"We've been talking about spring practice here for two months and everybody's waiting for Saturday," he said. "It's been a little different, but I'm ready to go."

However, one aspect that Proctor believes can't be overlooked is the fact that he started against Duke and was called upon in the final minutes against Texas A&M. Both times, Proctor was successful and the Tigers won.

"Without that, there would probably be some question marks," he said. "Getting some playing time last year in game time situations was big for me and my development."

One of the benefits of being named as the clear-cut starter is that he doesn't have to fight for a job. Instead, he can concentrate solely on the offense and the tasks that he needs to perform.

"It's going to allow to get into the scrimmages and make some mistakes and be able to learn from them and not feel so much pressure that I'm going to get pulled," Proctor said. "It's something that's going to be helpful, knowing in the back of my mind in the spring that it is a chance for me to develop as a quarterback."

Making the transition to starting quarterback for Proctor is helped by the fact that everyone around him is a returning starter.

"It's definitely going to make my job a lot easier this spring," he said. "My main goal is just to manage the game and get our offense into the right plays and make the reads and let everybody else make the plays." Top Stories