Bowden Pleased with Newcomers, Veterans

CLEMSON - Listen to Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden talk about the Tigers' first spring practice.


Opening Comments
"Enthusiasm was good. It usually is the first day in shorts. The weather was pretty good. I was just telling them after practice the key is to bring the same enthusiasm everyday. I thought the three new guys that came in January, Jacoby (Ford), Jeffery Ogren, and Chris Russell looked pretty good. I thought the redshirt freshmen, you know, we had 13 formations that we threw at them today. They had to really pay attention because we were moving at pretty fast clip. Overall it was a pretty good first day."

How did Will Proctor do out there?
Good. But you know he's looked good for a while in practice. I don't think his problem is going to be inconsistency in practice. That's one of the things about him that jumped out last year. When Charlie got hurt and couldn't practice he took every rep with the one's. He wouldn't miss a beat. He's a fifth-year senior and he's always practiced good. He's won that ironman competition during the summer. His thing is just going to be carrying that into the game." Top Stories