Clemson Baseball Photo Gallery

CLEMSON - Check out these pictures taken from Saturday's Clemson - South Carolina game.

This South Carolina runner beats a throw back to first base.

Jack Leggett meets with USC head coach Ray Tanner before the game.

Stephen Faris settled down after giving up two runs in the first.

Stan Widmann

The Clemson Bat Girls

Stan Widmann after scoring a run.

Adrian Casanova lays down a bunt.

The Clemson Bat Girls

Taylor Harbin after scoring a run.

Harbin on the basepaths.

Jack Leggett with his normal warm-up ritual.

Another shot of Stephen Faris.

Stan Widmann as seen from left field.

Josh Cribb entred the game in the seventh.

Herman Demmink at the plate as seen from right field.

Brad Chalk beats out a throw at first.

Taylor Harbin bangs out a base hit.

Another shot of Stan Widmann. Top Stories